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If you are looking to improve your wellbeing and health, you will have most likely heard about Fulvic minerals in Shilajit. These trace minerals are designed to help us function in everyday life, but a lot of people don’t have proper knowledge of them to make use of natural minerals. Today, we will learn more […]

Shilajit is also known as mumijo in some regions of the world. It is a blackish resin that is made from high mountain rocks found in Nepal, Himalayas, Girda, Russia, Chile, and Mongolia. This naturally occurring compound is formed when plants decompose naturally over centuries through microorganism action. It has been used in Indian medicine […]

So what are Shilajit benefits? Shilajit is a mineral base derived after breaking down plant matter and other minerals. It is a tar-like, black, sticky substance that was traditionally found in Tibet and India. While it has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for many centuries, Western medicine is also recognizing its impactful healing […]