From the untainted mountaintops, the substance is key to Ayurvedic medicine.

What is Shilajit? Is it Right for Me?

In Ayurvedic medicine, as well as throughout Nepal and India, the plant-based, mineral-rich resin shilajit is considered a national treasure. Purified in a method that is patented by the government of Nepal, this substance is sourced from the untainted, high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains and contained for its incredible health benefits; improving strength, immunity and vitality when welcomed into your diet.

Organic Mineral Complex

Aside from the fact that Shilajit has almost all the elements in the periodic table, the thing that truly sets it apart from other natural supplements is how it was formed. Over millions of years, at the highest peaks of remote mountains, ancient plant matter of the purest origins has broken down to form large organic deposits as a result of complex natural processes. When moisture condenses on or runs down the mountain slopes, it seeps through these organic deposits, collecting many minerals, organic acids and other beneficial nutrients until finally precipitating inside caves, crevices or rocks as a black-brown resin – Shilajit.

Exclusive Source Of All-Natural Fulvic Acid

Shilajit is the natural source of Fulvic Minerals ready for human consumption. You can find Fulvic Acid mineral blends, but they are all concentrates made from turf/soil with added minerals. Could you imagine that it took ten million years to create shilajit? We still can’t copy its chemical composition using hi-tech laboratory equipment.
The major organic part made from the ancient plants remains. Fulvic Acid is one of many valuable components including Folic and Humic acids plus some Vitamins. Shilajit is also rich in plenty of amino acids and other beneficial organic compounds that promote strength, endurance and vitality.
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Why Should I Buy Shilajit?

We are here yo answer this for you!

Everything in nature is connected and designed to keep all of life balanced. However, it is best to consume naturally made, unprocessed products which have established the best compatibility with our bodies through the course of our evolution. Natural sources of nutrition tend to be better than expensive Vitamin tablets, as they contain a whole host of other ingredients, such as trace minerals, that help the body to fulfil its needs. Our cells grow weak when we are deprived of essential nutrition, paving the way for disease and many other health problems. If you can’t get enough minerals through your regular diet, then it’s time to try shilajit.

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